Please, Remember Me

Please, Remember Me

A Short Story
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After the fall of Troy, an Amazonian demigod descends into the underworld to save the soul of her lover from eternal damnation. A short story with a modern twist on Greek mythology.


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A Powerful and Epic story of Love, Redemption, sacrifice and... hope!

It's a short and beautiful story about a woman, an Amazon warrior, that bravely faces the hell itself to save the soul of her beloved wife, battling the demons there and the ones inside herself. J. Flowers-Olnowich made a great job with the ambience, narrative, characters, descriptions and with the word choices, giving a nice ancient mood for the work. Definitively worth the reading.



Short and Spicy

I loved this little book. It had all the ingredients of a page-turner. I'll just tick the boxes.

Storyline...Very imaginative
Writing...Descriptive. Beautiful expressions
Pace...Fast and riveting.
Message...True love means going to the depths of the earth in search of your lover and fighting demons if you have to.
Favourite lines..."There is an unbreakable bond forged by a marriage, a bond that transcends afterlives. Oft have I seen this demon in my dreams, mocking my failure with its existence. It stands now, a monument to all my sins. ​Its gaze meets mine. I feel within my breast a swelling of emotion, proof of that untenable bond shared between myself and my wife."

Interesting. Recommended.

E. Sander


Great story, like a long epic poem.

This was definitely written in a different format than most books these days. A nice change.

"I will be the first to succeed. I did not come all this way to die now. Not before getting what I came here for. Not until I save she who does not belong here, she who shall not suffer in a place such as this. I am coming, darling"

Stuart Nosler


Extraordinarily Vivid

For as simple as the story is, the author does a phenomenal job describing each scene in fantastic detail. If you are looking for a quick and exhilarating read, this book delivers exactly on what it promises from its description.

Jim Hardison


Dark and Enjoyable

A well-written, engaging, short fantasy. A warrior descends into hell to rescue a loved one. Great imagery, characterization and action. A page turner with guts and brains.