My Mirror of Words

My Mirror of Words

A Collection of Poetry and Flash Fiction
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A collection of various works, most of which I wrote during college, at a point when my mental health was the lowest it had ever been and I was desperately fighting to get myself better. I leaned heavily into poetry as a tool for reflection and growth, for it was easiest for me to understand myself by looking at what I wrote.

A Dim Elfin Beach

Trapped among jagged peaks at night and trapped
In two magenta eyes that faded out the stars,
Trapped on this star, a nebulous gaze, and trapped,
Two ageless women, on one another,
Far from death and wanting this forever—
Who needed freedom? We had our portraits, fresco,
And paintings of a distant, unknown, beautiful beach,
And let our captive dazzling ocean create
Endless slightly shivering newborn nimbuses.
Who needed freedom? And why do I ache now?
Maybe I’m lonelier and I think freedom calls
In paintings that keep yearning for that time,
Paintings that are not as lovely now—
Our portraits, fresco, a dim elfin beach.

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