Just finished a manuscript? Want a professional to look it over, catch any spelling or grammar mistakes, and return comprehensive feedback to you? Then, you're in the right place.
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Alvenecus did an amazing job beta reading and proofreading my manuscript. Their proofread was on point. There were very few suggestions I would contest (seriously, I mean one or two). They found several omitted words, hyphen errors, and off spacing. The markups were clean and easy to understand. The critique was concise, hitting the main points (characters, plot, style). They included their favorite parts and themes they found. I would highly recommend them to any of my writer friends, and I would hire them again.



I contracted with Alvenecus for a beta read and he provided that and much more. As well as a constructive and insightful beta read report, he also did a thorough proof-read, including line comments. A fine piece of work. On top of this, he did it all for an 800+ page novel MS (with a complex plot) in 8 (eight) days. Truly amazing! His report and the line comments show that this was no skim-job either. This was a remarkably quick AND thorough piece of work. Thanks, Alvenecus!



I tried beta readers before and did not get detailed feedback, only an edit and a paragraph on the book. It made me question what a beta reader really does. Alvenecus, you showed me how the job was supposed to be done. Thank you both for all the work in the short amount of time I gave. The in-story comments and answering the questions helped me.



This is my first time working with J. Flowers-Olnowich, and I couldn't be happier with their passionate, professional, and high-caliber service! They were thorough, thoughtful, and helped me catch little errors that I missed in my 140,000 word manuscript. Their beta read was super insightful and the reader report was full of wonderful, inspiring, and honest feedback that really helped me get more confident about putting this work out into the world. Thank you so so much for your amazing work J. Flowers-Olnowich! I HIGHLY recommend!